China’s Shakespeare, the Poet Du Fu (712-770)

In Brief: painting of Du Fu This post explores Du Fu's poem "Day's End" in terms of the key characteristics of contemporary English-language haibun composition. It also explores the value of modelling the work of writers whose poetry touches you as a way of expanding your writing repertoire. Introduction Some years ago, I was interested … Continue reading China’s Shakespeare, the Poet Du Fu (712-770)

Basho’s Haibun “Hiraizumi”: A Commentary

Field at present day Hiraizumi ruins site, Japan . . . all that remains of soldiers' dreams. Bashō's travel journals, purportedly the earliest examples of haibun, are accounts of his late-in-life walking journeys through Japan. They are often cited as important reading for serious students of the form. More generally, they are held up as … Continue reading Basho’s Haibun “Hiraizumi”: A Commentary