Journals That Carry Haibun

Is is safe to say that most writers want someone to read their work. So we send our haibun to friends and family, post it on forums, submit it to journals and publishers, and we create our own blogs to show our work.

I like to submit my work to journals with independent editors. It’s nice to post on forums, but the simple validation by a journal editor in accepting my writing is like he or she is saying, in effect, “I think your work is worthy of offering it to our readers.” Perhaps that’s akin to hoping for a gold star from our grade school teachers or at least a B+ from our English Literature instructors. But let’s admit it, few of us write just our ourselves. For my expanded thoughts on this issue of wanting validation -> go here

So what journals are available to haibunists? The answer is those that carry only haibun and its cousin tanka prose and multi-genre journals that carry mixes of haiku based genres, particularly: haiku, tanka, senryu, haibun and tanka prose.

Here’s my list of good places to go to have your haibun published. The country specific journals usually don’t limit their submissions to residents of their countries.

Blithe Spirit: British Haiku Society Haiku Journal


Contemporary Haibun Online

Drifting Sands Haibun

Failed Haiku: A Journal of English Senryu & haibun

Frogpond (print journal)

Ink Sweat and Tears (wide mix of writing genres)

MacQueen’s Quarterly (wide mix of writing genres)

Modern Haiku (print journal)

Presence: A British haiku journal

Shamrock: Irish Haiku Society

The Haibun Journal (print journal)

The Other Bunny

Under the Basho

Wales Haiku Journal

World Haiku Review

If you know of other journals that carry haibun, please let me know and I”ll add them. Just post the name and url in the comments page.

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