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Red Dragonfly Canoe on Edith Lake, Jasper National Park

Welcome to presentations about the whats and hows of Haiku, Haibun (a mix of title, prose & haiku) and Haiga (a mix of image and haiku).

The focus is on contemporary English-language writing and artwork in these genres.

Examples and discussions of exemplars in these genres from both contemporary writers and artists & Japanese masters like Basho and Issa are offered.

Participation Opportunities:

Comments and questions are welcome. If you send a comment, I’ll consider posting it on a C&R (comments and responses) page. -> ray@raysweb.net

This is not a place to submit your work for publication.

I plan to gather a collection of a large variety of writers’ favourite published haibun or haiga on this site. If you send me an example of your favourite published work, either haibun or haiga, and I’ll discuss it with you and consider posting it. By published, I mean work that was submitted to a journal with independent editors. Regardless of its quality, I won’t post self-published work (e.g., posted on your own blog or website) or work that has been posted on forums or blogs where there isn’t a serious independent editorial process in place.

  • If interested, send one, two or three published pieces to me at -> ray@raysweb.net
  • Subject line: Ray’s Blog, My Published Work, Your Name, Date
  • Email Body: Include along with your piece(s) provide Title, Name of Publication, Date of Publication. e.g., Day’s End, Haibun Today, 11:2, 2015.
  • Email Body: Your Name and country and state/province/region of residence.
  • Email Body: Your blog or website and/or email if you wish to have them listed.

~ Ray Rasmussen