About this Blog

Welcome. My intent is to show examples and to discuss contemporary English-language haibun (a mix of title, prose & haiku) and haiku (haibun prose’s little partner).

I will provide examples and discussions of exemplars in these genres by contemporary writers and & Japanese masters like Basho and Issa.

I’ll be drawing from my 20 plus years of writing in these genres and editing journals that publish them. I’ve helped develop and was recently or currently am editorially associated with Contemporary Haibun Online and Haibun Today.

I welcome dialogue, comments and questions, back and forth, should you care to contribute. However, this is not a place to submit your work for publication.

And as a bit of background, I live at times in a rural area near Acton, Ontario and at times in Edmonton, Alberta. My partner Nancy and I enjoy hiking in the Rockies and in the canyon country of Utah, canoeing in Algonquin Provincial Park, and bicycling in our rolling hill country which helps beat the bugs in June and July. My personal homepage is Raysweb: Photography and Haiku Poetry.

~ Ray Rasmussen