Nicole Hague-Andrews’ Haiga

I’ve spent some time enjoying Nicole’s Haiga pages – the quality, creativity and variety of the images, the placement of the text (font variety, color, size and placement), and the quality of the haiku.

Nicole, if you look at this post, please let me know if it’s okay to also show one of your haiga. Many are favourites so it would be difficult to choose one, but I’d be happy to do it.

Haigaonline is an excellent place to see contemporary haiga of this quality.

Commentary: Glen Coats’ Witness

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from the film “Witness”

Commentary by Ray Rasmussen

This commentary is one of several on the Haibun Exemplars I’ve selected for viewing. It follows well-known poet Robert Pinsky’s idea that to know poetry, in our case haibun, is to do close readings, at least on occasion of writers whose work you enjoy, and that close readings will help improve the reader’s range of writing styles and the quality of his or her writing. -> read more

If you want to learn about poetry — if you want to “access” it — what you need to do is find great poems you like, figure out which are worth rereading and then reread them.
~ Robert Pinsky